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    Magnetite Detection Services

  • Magnetite detection services are available with our Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET). Magnetite is caused by temperatures above 1005° F in stainless steel boiler tubes. As the boiler is taken off line, the scale exfoliates and then accumulates in the lower tube bends. This can cause blockages that can rupture the tubes as the boiler is returned to service.
  • Our non destructive testing services include the detection of magnetite in these tubes. With the LFET technology we are able to size the blockage to within 5% blockage increments. Additionally the test can detect if the blockage is wet magnetite or dry magnetite as well as where the blockage begins and where it ends.

    Why You Should Perform a Magnetite Inspection

  • Doing a magnetite inspection of an off line boiler that uses stainless steel can help minimize unscheduled outages by accurately detecting dangerous blockages before the boiler is returned to service.
magnetite waveform image
Waveform shows magnetite blockage in a stainless steel boiler tube
Magnetite report
Diagram illustrates magnetite blockage in a stainless steel boiler tube

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Magnetite Detection Services