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    Magnetite Detection Services

  • At TesTex, we offer advanced non-destructive testing services to address the critical issue of magnetite accumulation in stainless steel boiler tubes. Magnetite deposits, resulting from high temperatures exceeding 1005°F, can pose serious risks to boiler integrity. As the boiler undergoes shutdown and subsequent reactivation, these deposits can dislodge and accumulate in the lower tube bends, potentially leading to blockages and tube ruptures.

    With our cutting-edge LFET technology, we provide precise and reliable magnetite detection services. Our skilled technicians can accurately assess the severity of blockages, offering sizing measurements within 5% increments. Moreover, our LFET test not only identifies the presence of magnetite but also distinguishes between wet and dry deposits. By determining the starting and ending points of the blockage, we provide valuable insights to facilitate targeted remedial actions.

    By partnering with TesTex for magnetite detection, you can proactively mitigate the risk of tube ruptures and safeguard the operational efficiency of your boiler system. Our comprehensive inspections, utilizing advanced technology and industry expertise, ensure that you have the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding maintenance and safety measures.

    Choose TesTex as your trusted partner for superior magnetite detection services and benefit from our commitment to excellence in non-destructive testing.

    Why You Should Perform a Magnetite Inspection

  • A comprehensive magnetite inspection of an offline stainless steel boiler can significantly reduce the occurrence of unscheduled outages by effectively identifying hazardous blockages prior to the boiler’s reactivation.

    Magnetite deposits, resulting from elevated temperatures during operation, can dislodge and accumulate in the lower tube bends of the boiler. These accumulations have the potential to cause blockages that pose a serious risk when the boiler is brought back into service. By conducting a thorough magnetite inspection, we can detect and assess the extent of these blockages with precision and accuracy.

magnetite waveform image
Waveform shows magnetite blockage in a stainless steel boiler tube
Magnetite report
Diagram illustrates magnetite blockage in a stainless steel boiler tube

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Magnetite Detection Services