Power Plant, OK
    Thanks for the report. Your crew did an excellent job and was very easy to work with. J____ H_____
    Chemical Plant, TX
    Steve, I appreciate all the work and flexibility that you guys showed during the …TAR. Keep up the good work and see you guys in the near future. Thank You, J___ G_____
    Refinery Illinois
    Good Afternoon Manoj and Yao, Thank you and your crews for all of the support on the 115/125 slowdown. I appreciate all the hard work to get a lot of data collected and the quick turn around with reports. As soon as I have the…bundle report you will be done with my portion of the slow down. Thanks again, B__ P______
    Manufacturing Plant TX
    Mike, I was able to sign the timesheet electronically (attached). As always, thanks for the great job you guys do! Nice reports. M____ F______ Inspection Team Leader
    Downstream Assets IN
    All, Just wanted to give props to Yao and his comrades for the support and hard work during the gauze outage. From what I saw his team took little to no breaks and were working 24-7 on collecting data/inspection. We asked for some additional inspection outside of the original thoughts like the top halfpipe with no problems. He was great to work with and provided an excellent report especially given the tube mess that was inside. Great job Yao and your team with Testex. Regards, J____ G_______ Downstream Asset Integrity Inspector
    Pulp and Paper, Aston, PA
    Thank you, Will definitely use your company in the future. D____ B____ Maintenance Manager
    Pulp and Paper, WA
    Scott, Final report received and thank you. The report is well written, concise, and thoroughly covers the BFET examination of the tubes. Thank you for the services and will let you know of any comments or questions going forward. S_____ S_______ Project Engineer
    Power Plant, Maidsville WV – RFET Inspection of 3 High Pressure Feedwater Units
    Thanks for the great service during our outage!
    Power Company WV
    Here are the signed timesheets. Sorry I wasn’t here when you left. Thanks for all your hard work. Your reports are really going to help a lot. See you next time.
    PetroChem Site, Brazil
    Thank you Will I was my pleasure having you and your guys there doing what you did. You guys did a great job. Wish I could of spent some more time with you but they had me running around everywhere. Again thank you and let the others know I really appreciate what you accomplished. B____
    Energy Generation, Newfoundland, Canada
    Hey Shawn, I wanted to send out a note to express how pleased we are at the plant with the work that was done by TesTex (yourself, Scott, and Sebastian). You have provided excellent support to us while we are dealing with a major boiler failure. You were able to react quickly to get the people and equipment mobilized to site despite many challenges such as COVID, customs agencies, and scheduling conflicts with other outages. While on site, Scott and Sebastian were very professional with everything they did and they were both a pleasure to work with. We feel confident in the work they have done which will help to ensure we have a safer boiler when it eventually goes back in service after welding is complete. I think they enjoyed their time here and were treated well by the hydro and contractor employees they worked with. They even got experience some pieces of Newfoundland scenery and culture despite working long shifts 7 days a week. There’s a good chance we will be requesting Scott and Sebastian back next year to perform LFET inspections for hydrogen damage which was also found during the inspection work recently. That work will be done over the summer time during our annual maintenance outages so lots of time to plan ahead for that visit. Thanks again!
    New Jersey Refinery
  • “Thanks Joe. I appreciate your work as always especially under some difficult circumstances. ”
  • A New Jersey Refinery
    Chemical Plant in Philadelphia PA.
  • “Rob,
  • Reaching out for a couple things. First, awesome job by your team during the outage. Very happy with how inspections and eddy current went.
  • 2nd, any chance you could run the numbers on what the cost finished out at? Doesn’t have to be perfect, ballpark is good. I think we may have been a little cost favorable releasing the API inspectors early.
  • Thanks!”
    Plant X Unit 4
  • Thank you for the data sheets. If we have any questions we will give you a call. Your performance and professionalism at Plant X was greatly appreciated.
  • Thanks,
  • A___
    Nuclear Plant Inspection
  • Franck,
  • The changes look good.  Please thank Tom and Bruce for their efforts.  It is quite an effort just to get badged at a Nuclear site, let alone get to work quickly and safely.  I was very impressed they scanned about 80 feet of 14 inch diameter piping in about 4 hours. 
  • Thanks very much,
  • Fred
    University, PA
  • Thank you, M___!
  • The team did a great job and I look forward to having them back in the future.
  • Thanks again,
  • K___
    Food Processing, IL
  • M____, I wanted to thank you and your team for the work last week. All of the guys worked very safely and I appreciate it. When will we expect the results? I’d like to schedule a call to go over them. 
  • G____ S_______
    Power Plant, Madison, WV
  • “Great job by the guys.  Very appreciative.”
  • R_____ R_______
    Power Plant, Australia
  • “Appreciate all the work S____, you and your team put in on this job at home and over here with the preparation and execution. I know there were a few hiccups with immigration and the equipment software etc but glad it was all overcome with good team work.”
  • K____ S____ Senior Integrity Engineer
    Energy Company, Houston, TX
  • “Thanks for the excellent work and determination!”
  • Q____ S____
    Refinery, Southwestern, PA
  • “Thanks for all your help the past few week.  Your guys did a great job.”
  • K____ C_______
    Refinery, Humble, TX
  • “Thank very much. You guys are awesome.”
  • M___ G_____
  • Operations Manager
    Petroleum Company, Canada
  • “Thank you for the excellent work.”
  • D_____ E_______
  • Field Integrity
    Power Plant, Houston, TX
  • “This is an awesome report and the images are great! We really appreciated your work and look forward to THW-3! Tentatively, we are looking at April 9th and 11th for the MT on the blades and the PT on the valve respectively. We are awaiting re-approval for our outage, so the dates above are tentative.”
  • E______ M_____
  • Outage Coordinator
    Chemical Plant, Hopewell, VA
  • “I just met with Mike and Bill. I appreciate them sitting down with me to go over the report. They were very thorough and went over the inspection and methodology with me.”
  • T___ T_____
  • Senior Reliability Engineer
    Chemical Plant, Kenova, WV
  • “Yes it went very well. I want to thank you and your crew that was here. They did an awesome job and very professional. This urgent job is very appreciated and you will definitely benefit from it.”
  • K____ U________
  • Sr. Mechanical Integrity Inspector
    Industrial and Marine, South Carolina
  • “I want to personally thank you for your support getting the inspection done ahead of time. T____ came by my office at 11 AM to drop off preliminary report. It was professionally done. I will await official report in a few weeks from you. The personnel onsite followed all safety and rules of shipyard and I do appreciate that.
  • M___ was very impressed with the support your team did onsite.”
    Sawmill and Remanufacturing, Georgia
  • “I just wanted you to know that I was very impressed with the crew you sent. They were very safety- oriented, thorough, and professional. They were an excellent reflection of your company.”
  • Thanks,
  • K____
    Refinery, Eastern PA
  • “I want to recognize J__ S__________ for an outstanding job he did for us during the 37 boilers re-certification. J__ preformed IRIS testing in the mud drum and from what I was told, this is one of TesTex most tedious tests. This required a skilled and experienced technician. While J__ was here he had difficulties with his equipment and only a proficient technician would know how to overcome theses problems and still make the scheduled deadline. From what I understand, he also used this time to train his helpers with hands-on training for this inspection method. J__ kept me up to date with his progress and I felt very reassured that the job was getting done correctly. Once the job scope was completed, J__ provided me with a preliminary report and then I received the final report which was just a few days later.”
  • W______ M_____
    Nuclear Power Facility, PA
  • “Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the TesTex crew that performed the Diesel Generator Fuel Oil Tank inspection for Susquehanna. The team was very professional and worked very efficiently, completing all of our required inspection coverage on schedule. Most importantly, they meticulously followed all of our safety and work standard rules. I look forward to working with TexTex again next May for the next tank inspection.”
  • F___ H_____
  • Corrosion Engineer
    Refinery, Philadelphia, PA
  • “Once again, another nice job! Thanks Andrew.”
  • F____ P____
  • Senior Inspector
    Chemical Plant, Western PA
  • “Thanks for the great job today. You provided exactly the information we needed to plan repairs.”
  • D_____ H_____
  • Manager of Engineering & Maintenance
    Chemical Plant, Lima, OH
  • “Just wanted to let you know the guys did a fantastic job last week. Excellent results as usual.”
  • A___ Z_______
  • Inspector
    Refinery, Philadelphia, PA
  • “Thanks for all your help on this last night. Great job as usual, I really appreciate it.”
  • M_____
    Chemical Plant, Green River, WY
  • “Thanks Jon, we look forward to receiving your proposal. The 3D map was a big help (made the steam path obvious)”
  • E_ R_____
  • Mechanical Maintenance Engineer
    Refinery, OK
  • “I would like to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate Frank and his crew, They are doing an exceptional job for us and we do appreciate the hard work they are doing. Come rain or shine they are at it every day, and I do greatly appreciate that Frank has a good handle on his crew and is working well with our group out here. Please pass that along to those that will appreciate knowing.”
  • R___ S_____
    Chemical Plant, Freeport, TX
  • “Despite equipment malfunctions, scaffolding and hydro blast issues, and other small hold ups beyond your control, your guys (Tony Gutierrez and Kyle Byassee) did an excellent job. They persevered thru problems, worked hard, put in the hours and made it happen.
  • You guys (TesTex) did an excellent job as usual.”
    Chemical Plant, Lima, OH
  • “Things went great last week with the ET. Sean did a fantastic job as usual. Have a good week, thanks again.”
  • A____ Z______
  • Inspector
    Chemical Plant, Barberton, OH
  • “Fantastic report, very detailed and prompt. Thanks also for returning my original paperwork so timely and completely filled out. I’m putting together some other piping packages for you to work up cost estimate for. Would you be able to meet to discuss later next week?”
  • D___ L_____
  • Project Engineer
  • Specialty Coatings and Materials
    Power Station, KY
  • “Sean and Scott did a great job on the GH4 main and aux condenser eddy current testing. All went well and our maintenance guys plugged the appropriate tubes this afternoon.
  • Sean and Scott also gave me a short lesson on the TesTex mapping software. It will be of great use.
  • Thanks for your and your team’s service.”
  • B___ M___
    Refinery, Beaumont, TX
  • “Thank you for another great Job Mike it is always a pleasure working with you and your group.”
    Heat Exchanger Ashtabula, OH
  • “Your crew was professional and efficient. Would love to have them back when we schedule the chlorine vaporizer.”
  • R____
    Power Plant, Fulton MO
  • “I would like you to pass this on to Michael and Ryan’s supervisory team as they were valuable members of C_____’s ESW Inspection Project last week. The two were focused, self motivated, and eager to get the job done as safely and as efficiently as possible. This project was especially challenging because the work was performed on-line, and any findings had the potential to shut the plant down. These two individuals were well prepared and ready to assist C_______ in any way they could. Michael and Ryan made sure to perform their tasks as quickly as possible, and in a way to minimize dose. As a result, the project came in 40% under the projected dose. This is an accomplishment to be proud of! I was very happy to have Michael and Ryan as part of our scan team last week, and look forward to future projects with TesTex.”
  • Power Plant, Fulton MO
    Power Plant, Altavista, VA
  • “Everything went well, the final report was very comprehensive as usual. We got to see what we were looking for. Hope to work with you in the future.”
  • Power Plant, Altavista, VA
    Chemical Company, Westlake, LA
  • “We truly appreciate your proficiency & professionalism in orchestrating your work! You are an asset to all!”
  • Chemical Company, Westlake, LA
    Power Plant, Salem, MA
  • “After the delays, we did cover everything that we needed to. I appreciate your guys’ quick responses. I’ll be sure to keep you appraised of any future inspections that we have planned with the condensers.”
  • Power Plant, Salem, MA
    Power Plant, Newburg, MD
  • “Thanks to you, Ryan, Sid and Gary, and your crews for all of the hard work and for working with us to get a better understanding of this process.”
  • Power Plant, Newburg, MD
    Chemical Company, Deer Park, TX
  • “Thank you for another job well done.”
  • Chemical Company, Deer Park, TX
    Inspection Company, Brazil
  • “The tank inspection was very good and highly praised by P_______. We are preparing the report. Alexey is very good and helped us and guided. He is an excellent inspector and a great person. We really appreciate the help of TesTex and this partnership will surely be a success.”
  • Inspection Company, Brazil
    Refinery, Australia
  • “Firstly I’d like to say thanks for sending over a pair of capable, pleasant, hard working and committed employees – I had no issues working with them and they fit right into our requirements straight off the bat, so thanks. I appreciate TesTex making the effort to supply personnel at our short notice, and can confidently say that the results of their inspection had a significant bearing on the final repair works carried out.”
  • Refinery, Australia
    Power Plant, Hempstead, NY
  • “Thanks for the excellent response.”
  • Power Plant, Hempstead, NY
    Chemical Company, Port Neches, TX
  • “I appreciate all the good work you and your guys did.”
  • Chemical Company, Port Neches, TX
    Power Plant, Mankato, MN
  • “I would like to commend your crew on the excellent job they did following the plants policies, procedures and schedule while on site.”
  • Power Plant, Mankato, MN
    Chemical Company, Pasadena, TX
  • “Thank you Mike. Your guys are doing a great job, thank you for your support in this project.”
  • Chemical Company, Pasadena, TX
    Power Plant, Burlington, KS
  • “I am interested in your thoughts as to how the job went. Since you guys left on my day off I didn’t have an opportunity to shake your hand.You and your crew did a great job. Thank you, and we hope you’ll come back next outage when we perform similar examinations on the “A” train. I would appreciate any feedback that you would like to provide on the job.”
  • Power Plant, Burlington, KS
    Chemical Company, Freeport, TX
  • “Thanks to you and Mike for the effort. I will use you guys exclusively in the future if it is up to me.”
  • Chemical Company, Freeport, TX
    Food Industry Plant, Silver Springs, NY
  • “Thanks for the good work your guys did on Labor Day, we appreciate them coming out on a holiday and on short notice.”
  • Food Industry Plant, Silver Springs, NY
    Inspection Company, Farmington, NM
  • “Thank you for the rapid response. As always, TesTex and its personnel are top notch.”
  • Inspection Company, Farmington, NM
    Power Plant, Ashland, ME
  • “I did get the final report; I just hadn’t opened it as we were still in the Outage. Thanks for all of you support, I know it must have been frustrating over the last couple years doing partial scans, but it sure did pay off in the end. Thanks for your professionalism and patience. You will always be welcome here.”
  • Power Plant, Ashland, ME
    Chemical Company, Midland, MI
  • “Your probe worked very well and I was able to show the wall reduction to the maintenance people. Thanks for the great service getting me the probe so quick.”
  • Chemical Company, Midland, MI
    Inspection Company, Salina Cruz, Mexico
  • “Thanks for helping us with the inspection work on the wind farm project. Jason and the rest of the crew performed great work and were very professional. I hope to work with them again on another project.”
  • Inspection Company, Salina Cruz, Mexico
    Refinery, Port Neches, TX
  • “Thank you for the excellent work, and timely completed reports.”
  • Refinery, Port Neches, TX
    Power Plant, Ashland, ME
  • ”He was asking about TesTex in regards to Condenser work, I related my experience along with the background work I had done comparing TesTex with others(making sure he was aware that there really is no comparison with regard to condenser work). I think he is sold.
  • Looking forward to the future, and again so sorry to have missed your visit.”
  • Power Plant, Ashland, ME
    Inspection Company, Salina Cruz, Mexico
  • “Your guys are working on tower 24 now and are kicking butt. It helps that we are now able to work on all four sections at a time instead of doing only one then moving everything to the next tower.”
  • Inspection Company, Salina Cruz, Mexico
    Power Plant, Tremont, PA
  • “I got your message this afternoon, thanks for following up. Everything went very well with the testing, no issues whatsoever. The results seem promising, with little additional wear on the gen bank. I’ll keep an eye out for the final report.Thanks!”
  • Power Plant, Tremont, PA
    Chemical Company, Port Neches, TX
  • “I need to know something on this asap. The T&I group needs it in this week. Sorry for the rush. I greatly appreciate your dedication. Thank you-
  • Chemical Company, Port Neches, TX
    NDE Specialist, Large Colorado Utility
  • “Things went well. Shawn and Lexi definitely paid for their trip out here. 6 tubes have what appears to be damage. 4 were found with LFET and 2 were under the scaffolding that Shawn found with UT. I also confirmed everything. I’ll let you know what we find after we cut them out. Depending on what we find when we cut, and there is no reason to believe we will not find huge deposits and corrosion, I will recommend a complete LFET scan for the next outage on the lower slope and the rear wall up to the replacement line, about 40 linear feet, in addition to some side wall scanning and the lower slope of the bullnose.”
  • NDE Specialist, Large Colorado Utility
    Power Plant, Conesville, OH
  • “Thanks so much… the guys on the job were very professional and extremely nice. You have a good group to represent your company.”
  • Power Plant, Conesville, OH
    Pål Fagerstedt
  • “I got the encoder today. Thank you for very good service.”
  • P__ F_________
    Chemical Company, Freeport, TX
  • “Thanks for the hard work that yal did.”
  • Chemical Company, Freeport, TX
    Refinery, Port Neches, TX
  • “Thank you for the excellent work, and timely completed reports.”
  • Refinery, Port Neches, TX
    Chemical Company, Deer Park, TX
  • “I am proud to have TesTex on our team. Good Job and Thank you.”
  • Chemical Company, Deer Park, TX
    Refinery, Sweeny, TX
  • “I left Bert a message this morning letting him know what I had coming up. I’m hoping to get Stephen and Zach back if I can. They did a very good job! Thanks again!”
  • Refinery, Sweeny, TX
    Water and Power Company, Burbank, CA
  • “Frank, thank you for the rapid service and flexibility to meet our scheduling needs. I will call you in a few months when we take our Olive # 2 unit down for service, it is due for the same inspection.”
  • Water and Power Company, Burbank, CA
    Refinery, Philadelphia, PA
  • “Thanks for a job well done; I will talk to you on Monday morning concerning the results, and maybe doing the rest of the lines in the area.”
  • Refinery, Philadelphia, PA
    Industrial Gas Company, Stockton, CA
  • “Thanks for the quick turn around on the report.”
  • Industrial Gas Company, Stockton, CA
    Septic Services Company, Kristiansand, Norway
  • “The guys at Septikservice just want to wish you and you`re families all the best for the comming holliday. And we also want to tell you that the PS-2000 works even better than we were told. It is just perfect for our kind of work. The winter hasn`t arrived quite yet, but the temperatures have been well under 14 `farenheit so fingers have already been frozen. The pictures shows us at our latest job scanning an in ground oil/water separation tank. The tank is dug in under sea level 5 meters from the shoreline an had a lot of corrsive pittings innside aswell. Remaining wall thickness was shocking 0,15mm. The PS-2000 lets us do the job much more effective than the traditional control with only ultrasound. Thanks again for perfect equipment and very good training. Best wishes for the hollidays!”
  • Septic Services Company, Kristiansand, Norway
    Chemical Company, New Martinsville, WV
  • “Thanks for all your great work yesterday and the day before. You gave me all the information I needed. As you may have already concluded, we are going to completely re-tube the unit. It is your efforts in determining the bulged tubes that helped us avoid a mistake of trying to replace only blown tubes.”
  • Chemical Company, New Martinsville, WV
    Chemical Company, Orange, TX
  • “TesTex has always performed work safely and excellently for D______ on site and off site. We look forward to TesTex working with us in the future.”
  • Chemical Company, Orange, TX
    Refinery, Toledo, OH
  • “Go ahead and mobilize the crew. I appreciate you coming on such short notice all the time.”
  • Refinery, Toledo, OH
    Inspection Company, France
  • “L______ B_____, sent me a message to express their satisfaction about Stephen’s work in their boiler. They are very satisfied. Thank you all for your help. And, especially, thank you very much Stephen for your job. It has been appreciated as much from us as from L______B______.”
  • Inspection Company, France
    Refinery, Billings, Montana
  • “Billings has used TesTex NDT on short term outages and major shutdowns; they have performed RFET on exchanger tubes and boilers, Mainly all carbon steel. They have done a good job for us and will use them again when needed.”
  • Refinery, Billings, Montana
    Power Plant, Gainesville, Florida
  • “I want to recognize Lance and Tate on the UT testing of the primary superheater and superheater pendent quoted work, as well as the extra work on the primary reheater. They did an excellent job and exactly what I wanted done. The primary superheater was not a comfortable place to work and it took longer than expected, but they never complained. Lance is very customer-oriented and did an excellent job with the customer interface.”
  • Power Plant, Gainesville, Florida
    Chemical Plant, Orange, TX
  • “Thanks again for coming out on short notice. I appreciate the job you guys have done and look forward to seeing you again on the next one. Tell Scott and Taylor I enjoyed meeting them.”
  • Chemical Plant, Orange, TX
    Refinery, Toledo, OH
  • “I wanted to thank you, Sid and all your Testex employees who worked very hard to support our company concerning the testing of H-507. Your professional manner and willingness to do ‘whatever it takes to get the job done’ reflects well on you and your company.”
  • Refinery, Toledo, OH
    Refinery, Delaware City, DE
  • “Thanks, Joe, for your quick response to our emergency Cat Boiler outage. We look forward to establishing a future working relationship with TesTex for our Coker TA Boiler work and beyond. Thanks again.”
  • Refinery, Delaware City, DE
    Power Plant, Millsboro, DE
  • “I just wanted to drop you an email stating that the Eddy Current Inspections are complete. Luke and his crew were professional and efficient. Before leaving our site, they submitted field reports for my review. These reports proved helpful, in that it appears we have no plugging work required for the feedwater heaters, and thus I was able to release those heaters so that the heads may be reinstalled. … Your efforts are appreciated.”
  • Power Plant, Millsboro, DE
    Power Plant, Elrama, PA
  • “He has some cut-outs for us. He said our marks were right on. Described the one sample as having a localized pit. He will let me know when we can have them. The plant is doing some show and tell with them right now.”
  • Power Plant, Elrama, PA
    Automotive Plant, Lima, OH
  • “I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know it was a pleasure working with your crew (Erik and Mike) yesterday …They were here right on time, had all the correct equipment and were very efficient. Erik is very knowledgeable individual in your field of work, and was interesting to talk to (it sure would be interesting to accompany him to Three Mile Island next week, let me know if he needs someone to carry his equipment)”
  • Automotive Plant, Lima, OH
    Refinery, Canton, OH
  • “I hope you know how we appreciate all your efforts to convenience us. Any help you have for us will be appreciated, Just let us know for sure what you have available and if the need to be safety trained. Thank you once again.”
  • Refinery, Canton, OH
    Aktive Tankrens AS, Oslo Norway
  • “In autumn 2006, we were comparing floor scan technologies. The technologies we were comparing were the LFET and MFL. As part of out effort, we observed an inspection using a European MFL system with mapping.
  • This tank that was scanned had stored gasoline and contained lots of pipes inside, many bulbs and oxide layers. The bottom looked like a golf ball inside.
  • The perceived speed of the MFL unit, I could see was a problem. It crash into pipes and weld seams. The surface had to be exceptionally clean. The indentations, were a problem as well. Small steel particles would accumulate on the scanner (High electro magnetic fields) The guys who had carry that gear over the ring wall around that tank struggled with the weight. And one other thing, the auxiliary battery power supply could not last more than a couple of hours.
  • Based on our observations, we selected the LFET from TesTex.
  • It has light weight, good maneuverability, you control the speed, it is able to scan a pocked floor or floor with fiberglass sheeting. Particulates are not a problem since the system does not use magnets. And one battery last at least 10 hours.
  • We are pleased with the calibration and ability of the system to quantify flaws as well as determine top or underside corrosion. The mapping we have added has helped reduce time for reports. The pipe scan capability is another benefit we have realized. We have had good success with the Falcon.”
  • P__ F_________
    Oman India Fertiliser Company
  • “This is to certify that M/s. TesTex NDT India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai has carried out In-situ Eddy Current Testing (ECT) of Carbamate Condenser (21-E-105) and Remote Field Electromagnetic Technique (RFET) of R.G. Boiler (E-208,1st and 2nd Compartment), as per Work Order Number 3076/lnsp/FP at M/s. Oman India Fertiliser Company, Sur, Sultanate of Oman from January 28,2011 to February 02,2011.
  • The quality of inspection and equipment (TesTex make) used for above testing were satisfactory. The team of inspection personnel, who deputed for the job was knowledgeable, dedicated and has successfully completed the entire job to our satisfaction. Given results was cross checked & verified with the Boroscope from our end.
  • The Overall performance of M/s. TesTex NDT India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai as a specialized inspection service provider is good and reliable.”
  • A__ A________
  • Inspection Manager
    Chemical Plant, New Martinsville, WV
  • “Thank you for the electronic certificate. I was pleased with the class. It exceeded my expectations.”
  • Chemical Plant Representative, New Martinsville, WV – upon completion of Level II Eddy Current Training
    NDT Company, Australia
  • “Please let Dennis know that we had a very good review for the shutdown and thank him again for his help. And yours too of course!!!”
  • NDT Company
  • Australia
    Chemical Plant, Houston, TX.
  • “I attached the time sheet above. Thanks again for jumping on this quick for us. Everything looked ok by your report. You said there will be a final report that will follow, but the attached report can still be used as a final without the elevation that you want to add I assume.”
    Chemical Plant, Brunswick, GA
  • “Your guys did their usual fantastic job. It was a pleasure working with Sean and Pat. . Both were extremely professional and easy going, despite the chaos down here.
  • We’ve been asked to contact our contractors and request invoices ASAP, as P_____ is trying to get a handle on what the shutdown has actually cost us, so if you could shoot me an invoice for your work, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • I’ll be talking with you soon about the October shutdown.”
  • N______ H____
  • Process Safety Engineer
    Refinery, South New Jersey
  • “I appreciate TesTex’s flexibility in being able to accommodate last week’s IRIS scan on A Boiler on such short notice. This was the critical path to return the boiler to service and without you guys being able to pull it off on such short notice we would have been into Saturday or later returning this back to operations. Hopefully we can keep the branch manager out of the drum next time, and give you guys enough time to staff the job!”
  • M___ S_________
  • Turnaround Manager
    City Utilities, Springfield, MO
  • “The meter arrived yesterday and thanks for the quick turn around. It is working perfectly and we put it to use. Thanks again!”
  • Sent from D___
  • City Utilities
  • Springfield, MO
    Tank Inspection, Oklahoma
  • “A sincere thank you to all who contributed to the success of this project. This was a great team effort from all who contributed, Testex, OKC personnel and G___ S___. During my visit Friday, I was quite impressed with the focus and diligence you all put forth.”
  • D___
  • Major Upstream Oil Producer
    Refining Company, Toledo OH
  • “Thanks for the kind words of my guys. I like the professionalism your crews exhibited and was happy to see a formal report in my inbox when I came in this morning on the E-9403. I also like the new EC higher speed technology used on the E-9403.”
  • S____ T_______
  • Refining Company
    Tank Inspection Oklahoma
  • “Thanks again, Frank, for the work you and Vasil did to inspect the tanks at our Oklahoma facilities. It was certainly worth the effort you put forth! Thanks also for the safe manner in which you performed your work.”
  • T__
  • Major Upstream Oil Producer
    Fossil Power, Cumberland MD
  • “We would like to take this opportunity to thank your company and employees for all the safe and skillful work accomplished during our scheduled outage in April of 2011. The effort and attention to detail that your people placed on their jobs, helped us in having a successful and safe outage.
  • We were pleased that your team cooperated to accomplish our common safety goals. We want to personally thank you for your effort in assisting your project team to stay focused and meet these important and required milestones. Your daily diligence helped keep the outage safe and on schedule.
  • Specifically, involvement in pre-outage meetings, general safety meetings, pre-shift outage meetings, and “hands on” activities supported A__ W_______ R___ to achieve a successful outage.
  • With Safety being the pre-imminent contract prequalification at W______ R__ your performance will allow us the opportunity to work together in the future. On behalf of the Leadership Team and all the A__ W______ R__ employees, we appreciate your efforts and say thanks.”
  • J__ M_____, Safety Coordinator
  • M__ S_____, Outage Manager
  • L_____ C________, Plant Manager
    Refinery, Portugal
  • “Let me update you with the latest information.
  • We have tried the key on the tool and it worked fine. Now we will try to install the program on other laptop. The Falcon tool is operational and we are already doing the tank floor scan job at R_____ refinery. Thanks again for your excellent support and hope to have your people here in Portugal for the training session next month.”
  • H___ C_______________
    Refinery, Paulsboro, NJ
  • “Thank you for the information. You’re UT readings were dead on. I have requested the Manufacturer’s Data Report from National Board this morning. I will let you know how it turns out and how you may assist us in the future.”
  • F____ L_____
    Fossil Plant, Long Island NY
  • “Thank you very much for the report. It is a very well written document. Pat did a great job. “M______” just finished WFMT. I’m waiting their report to make a comparison between the reports. I’ll let you know results and scheduling for your re-inspection.”
  • A___
    Chemical Company, Houston TX
  • “Chris, thanks for all your help and quality work.”
  • T____ H_____
  • QC Inspector
    Production , Pittsburgh PA
  • “Thank you once again for a job well done by your technicians. Please process the PO ASAP so that the amount can be expensed in the 2011 calendar year.”
  • P____ P____
    Major Upstream Energy Producer, LA
  • “The guys were great to work with and very professional; we don’t always see that in the services we get.”
  • BW
    Chemical Company, Waynesboro, VA
  • “Happy New Year to you as well! Thank you for sending Pat to us on such short notice. We really appreciate it. He did a wonderful job and was a pleasure to work with.”
  • J______ B_____
    NDT Chief, Fossil Power Company., Long Island, NY
  • “The standards that you have produced for us in the past has been perfect.”
  • K___
    Chemical Plant, Houston
  • “I’d like to first of all thank you for putting an Inspection crew together on such short notice for this emergency work, it is very much appreciated.. I along with the rest of the group would like to make sure that the final report is laid out so it will show us where (in elevation) the low reading were found. This is going to be extremely helpful in regards to our path forward in repairing/ maintaining / running this reactor. I was told that all of the corrosion noted was on the shellside and the plant was somewhat surprised and was extremely grateful for that valuable info. Please tell Mike and his sidekick how much we appreciate their hard work and efforts.”
  • T_____ L. O____
    NDT Company
  • “Steve and Jeff did a nice job for us. I approved his time so what I need now is a total invoice so I can finalize my package on this. Tomorrow or Monday would be great. Please send to me electronically for review and I will have it processed for payment. Thanks again for your help on this.”
  • C________ E. J_____
  • Project Manager
    Chemical Company, South New Jersey
  • “Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you. Testex has been a asset to us.”
  • C___ K_____
    Chemical Company, West Elizabeth, PA
  • “This is an excellent prelim. report! You guys did a nice job yesterday.”
  • T___
    Chemical Plant, Norco LA
  • “Just wanted to tell you thank for your quick response.”
  • J. D_____ V_______
  • Pressure Equipment Inspection Manager
    Upstream Gas Producer, Barnett Shale Region
  • “Frank and his team did an outstanding job. We were really pleased with their work.”
    Pulp & Paper Mill, Philadelphia PA.
  • “These reports are very well-done. It’s good to truly know the status of the air-preheater. Please forward my compliments to the TesTex Team for an outstanding job.”
  • B___
    Chemical Company, Seneca, SC
  • “Thank you Clayton for your efforts to make this shutdown a success.”
  • D____ A. B______
  • Plant Reliability Engineer
    Power Plant, Anderson, CA
  • “Thanks Ryan. I appreciate your hard work. Have a safe trip.”
  • B____
    Chemical Plant, Fieldsboro, NJ
  • “Thanks for checking with us and appreciate the work done here by your crew and also the report we received.”
  • B_____,G_____