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EPRI – Reheater Inspection Project

TesTex completed Task 1: “Fabricate Realistic Mockup” on May 28th. Luminant Power donated some pendants that were removed from one of the units at the Monticello Station in Mount Pleasant, TX. TesTex rented a forklift to remove the pendant from the truck on March 17th. The pendants were moved to our shop.  TesTex designed and built a stand with wheels to hold the pendants in place.

The stand was made out of 2′ schedule 40 black iron pipe. The pipe was joined together using unions, elbows, Ts, and 45s. A forklift was rented from May 22nd to 27th to place the pendants in the stand.

TesTex is currently working with reheater scanner designs as we try to find the optimal scanner shape and performance. The parts for a prototype scanner has been machined and is currently being assembled. We hope to have this scanner completed by the June 13th.  The prototype design that er are currently working on is an oversize C-shape that will be placed on the tube from the side. Once the scanner design is accepted, the delivery design will be determined.

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