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Septic Services Company, Kristiansand, Norway

“The guys at Septikservice just want to wish you and you`re families all the best for the comming holliday. And we also want to tell you that the PS-2000 works even better than we were told. It is just perfect for our kind of work. The winter hasn`t arrived quite yet, but the temperatures have been well under 14 `farenheit so fingers have already been frozen. The pictures shows us at our latest job scanning an in ground oil/water separation tank. The tank is dug in under sea level 5 meters from the shoreline an had a lot of corrsive pittings innside aswell. Remaining wall thickness was shocking 0,15mm. The PS-2000 lets us do the job much more effective than the traditional control with only ultrasound. Thanks again for perfect equipment and very good training. Best wishes for the hollidays!”

Septic Services Company, Kristiansand, Norway

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