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    Pressure Vessel Inspection

  • TesTex excels in interior and exterior pressure vessel inspections, utilizing our proprietary Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) and Balanced Field Electromagnetic Technique (BFET) equipment. With our advanced technologies, we provide a comprehensive range of inspection services for both the interior and exterior of pressure vessels.

    TesTex can perform complete inspections of your pressure vessels

  • We employ LFET equipment, including the Falcon Jr., to conduct thorough inspections of wall plates. The Falcon Jr. is specifically designed to ensure accurate and reliable assessment of wall plate conditions.
  • We utilize the Triton II BFET Crack Detection System, which is based on BFET technology, to conduct comprehensive testing of welds. This advanced system ensures effective detection and assessment of cracks in welds.
Pressure Vessel Diagram
Diagram shows a pressure vessel shell with LFET scans
pressure vessel waveform wall loss
Waveform shows localized wall loss of a pressure vessel
  • Our highly trained staff is proficient in a range of inspection techniques, including dye penetrant, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic inspections. Additionally, we are equipped to conduct thorough American Petroleum Institute (API) inspections as per industry requirements.
  • TesTex, Inc. offers comprehensive inspection services for boilers, including D/A Tank (Deaerator) inspections. We also have extensive experience conducting pressure vessel inspections for various equipment such as process columns, mixing/agitation vessels, and reactors.
  • Fast and accurate inspection of wall plates from the inside or outside of the pressure vessel using LFET
  • Complete inspections can be conducted using LFET and Triton II BFET Crack Detection System
  • Ability to perform various inspection methods as well as provide appropriate API inspections
Pressure Vessel Diagram
Diagram shows a pressure vessel shell and heads

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