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Pressure Vessel Inspection

Pressure Vessel

Using our own Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) and Balanced Field Electromagnetic Technique (BFET) equipment, TesTex offers a variety of internal and exterior pressure vessels inspections.

Pressure Vessel Drawing
Diagram shows a pressure vessel shell with LFET scans.

Pressure Vessel LFET Waveform
Waveform shows localized wall loss of a pressure vessel.

Wall plates are inspected with LFET equipment, like the Falcon Jr., and welds are tested with the BFET-based TesTex Hawkeye Crack Detection System. Thus, TesTex can perform complete inspections of your pressure vessels.

Pressure Vessel BFET Waveform
Waveform shows a crack on a nozzle weld.

Our highly trained staff can also provides dye penetrant, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic inspections as well as provide an appropriate American Petroleum Institute (API) inspections when required.

Pressure Vessel BFET Waveform
Diagram shows a pressure vessel shell and heads.

For those clients with boilers, TesTex, Inc. provides D/A Tank (Deaerator) inspections, too. Testex, Inc. has also performed pressure vessel inspections on process columns, mixing/agitation vessels, and reactors.

  • Fast and accurate inspection of wall plates from the inside or outside of the pressure vessel using LFET
  • Complete inspections can be conducted using LFET and Hawkeye Crack Detection System
  • Ability to perform various inspection methods as well as provide appropriate API inspections

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