Line Crawler Image

    Penstock Inspections

    TesTex’s Line Crawler

  • TesTex developed the Line Crawler to be able to provide video and LFET scans of Penstock lines.

    Line Crawler features:

  • Contains 8 modified LFET Pods, a modified Mix Box and Falcon Electronics
  • The Viper drive is modified for better traction and has a flexible coupling so it can be manually adjusted to fit a range of pipe sizes
  • Has Three IR cameras mounted to the assembly for forward and backward vision while controlling remotely
  • The third camera provides a downward view of the penstock surface being scanned. The image from this camera shows the distance traveled while recording
  • Each LFET pod is mounted to a specially designed sled that can be pulled or pushed through the penstock by the Viper
  • Provides a scan width of 16” across the bottom of the penstock
  • With 300’ of cabling it is able to scan 250’ lengths while also being able to traverse inside diameter transitions
Line Crawler Video Image
Camera image of scaling where wall loss is occurring