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    Diamond/Deck Plate Inspection

  • Deck Plate Safety is an important part of plant inspections.
  • A power plant in Texas recently had a worker fall through a corroded deck plate.
  • LFET scanners can be used to inspect diamond deck plates and identify potential hazards before they can cause a harmful and costly accident.
  • TesTex is currently performing scheduled inspections for deck plating at power and chemical plants.
    TesTex Advantages
  • LFET can inspect both ferrous and non-ferrous material
  • Requires no couplant
  • 2,000 – 3,000 linear feet can be scanned using LFET in a single twelve-hour shift
  • More than 40 inspection crews can be deployed at any given time
  • Crews are equipped with multiple scanner/probe sizes and back-up equipment to avoid downtime
  • LFET does not require extensive cleaning
  • LFET can get more area coverage than other techniques
  • All data is collected and stored for future reference
Deck plate waveform
Example of a waveform from a sample deck piece sent to TesTex

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