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  • At TesTex, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of inspection services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our team includes certified inspectors for storage tanks (API 653), piping (API 570), and pressure vessels (API 510). With our extensive expertise and experience, we are equipped to handle inspections across these critical areas in a timely and efficient manner.

    When it comes to storage tanks, our API 653 certified inspectors are well-versed in the industry standards and guidelines. They possess the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct thorough inspections, assess the condition of tanks, and identify any potential issues or areas of concern. By adhering to API 653 standards, we ensure the highest level of quality and compliance in our inspection processes.

    For piping inspections, our API 570 certified inspectors have a deep understanding of piping systems and their associated components. They are proficient in conducting visual inspections, assessing corrosion and deterioration, and evaluating the integrity of piping networks. By following API 570 guidelines, we ensure that our inspections are comprehensive and meticulous, providing accurate insights into the condition of the piping infrastructure.

    Our API 510 certified inspectors specialize in pressure vessel inspections. They possess a strong knowledge of pressure vessel design, construction, and maintenance requirements. With their expertise, they can perform thorough examinations, identify potential defects or weaknesses, and assess the overall integrity of pressure vessels. By adhering to API 510 standards, we ensure that our inspections are conducted with precision and attention to detail.

    At TesTex, we understand the importance of timely inspections to ensure the safety, reliability, and compliance of your facilities. Our certified inspectors are dedicated professionals who prioritize efficiency and accuracy in their work. By entrusting your inspection needs to us, you can be confident that our team will deliver high-quality services within the required timeframes, allowing you to make informed decisions and maintain optimal operational performance.

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