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Above Ground Storage Tank Inspections

Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection

In addition to our API 653 inspections, TesTex provides tank floor scanning services using our Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) Falcon Series products, and inspects above ground storage tank welds using our Hawkeye 2000 System.The Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) does not use permanent magnets as is common in Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) equipment; so, it is lightweight and portable. The Falcon Mark II can scan through coatings and tightly-bonded, uniform scale.The Falcon Mark II is used to scan the floor plates for topside and underside corrosion. Areas identified with the scanner are then marked and verified with ultrasonics. TesTex also offers a smaller Falcon JR based off of the same LFET technology to inspect inaccessible areas on the floor around items like support legs, sumps, buckled annular plates.

AGST Corrosion Cell
Waveform shows a corrosion cell on a above ground storage tank

The Hawkeye is used to scan welds and detects surface and sub-surface cracks. TesTex also offers magnetic particle inspections and vacuum box testing as alternatives.

Testex Viper Crawler System is a perfect solution for UT scans on ferrous above ground storage tanks and can be a more cost effective solution than scaffolding.

Tank Floor Map
Tank floor map generated with mapping software.

Tank Report
Tank floor plate showing areas of pitting.

The results are presented in a detailed inspection report, and our inspections can include:

  • Floor scans using Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) scanners and hand scanners to detect possible underside corrosion. Ability to scan through coatings and tightly bonded scale. The system is lightweight, battery operated, and portable
  • Shell visual and or ultrasonic thickness inspections via remote crawler or rope access techniques
  • Foundation settlement assessments to detect various forms of tank foundation movement
  • Weld inspection via magnetic particle, electromagnetic techniques, liquid penetrant, UT weld inspection and vacuum testing techniques
  • Visual inspection of the tank bund wall and bund area
  • RBI (Risk Based Inspection) & site audits for determining inspection intervals & inspection work scopes
  • Inspection Management Software

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