Viper Crawler Image

    Viper Crawler System

  • Strong permanent magnetic wheels hold the system to the magnetic surface even through several layers of paint
  • Long lasting, high torque planetary gear mechanism for travel over welds and patch plates
  • Inspect tanks, piping, pressure vessels, duct work, etc.
  • Optional encoder for distance processing
  • Zero turn-radius for fast and accurate maneuverability
  • Offset wheel design allows maximum surface contact at all times
  • Operates at variable speeds through a handheld controller
  • Viper Crawler Components

  • Hand held controller
  • Motor control electronics box
  • 100 ft. (30.5m) umbilical cable reel
  • Rugged travel case

    Viper Crawler System Options

    The Viper Crawler can be outfitted with any combination of the following technologies:
    Ultrasound (UT)
  • Supplies water to the UT Transducer for constant couplant
  • Provides continuous thickness measurements
  • Spring loaded flat or contoured UT shoe to match inspection surface
Viper UT Image
Viper LFET Image
    Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET)
  • Detects top and bottom side surface flaws
  • LFET Scanner, up to 8 channels
  • Flat or contoured scanners to match inspection surface
    High Quality Video
  • Visual inspection of pipes
  • Multiple high quality cameras with bright LED lights or night vision
  • Videos are stored for future review
Viper Nightcrawler Image

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Viper Crawler System
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