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Technology Application
LFET RFET BFET ECT Ultrasound OSET Support

TesTex uses a variety of state-of-the-art electromagnetic techniques to scan for defects in both ferrous and nonferrous materials and structures.


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LFET RFET BFET ECT Ultrasound OSET Support
Boiler Tubes AGS Tanks Pipelines Feedwater Heaters Heat Exchangers Finned Tubes Condensers Welds
Radio Field Electromagnetic Technique Triton RFET
Balance Field Electromagnetic Technique Triton BFET
Off Surface Electromagnetic Technique OSET - Scout
Ultrasonic Inspection Helix XT IRIS Echo 20/20

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Viper Crawler System

(Lightweight Modular Crawler)

LFET Crawler
UT Crawler
Night Crawler

The Viper Crawler System

  • Strong permanent magnetic wheels hold the system to the magnetic surface even through several layers of paint
  • Long lasting, high torque planetary gear mechanism for travel over welds and patch plates
  • Inspect tanks, piping, pressure vessels, duct work, etc.
  • Optional encoder for distance processing
  • Zero turn-radius for fast and accurate maneuverability
  • Offset wheel design allows maximum surface contact at all times
  • Operates at variable speeds through a handheld controller

Viper Crawler System Components

Hand Held Controller
Motor Control Box
100 ft. Cable Reel
UT Water Pump Kit
Travel Case

Viper Crawler Components

  • Hand held controller
  • Motor control electronics box
  • 100 ft. (30.5m) umbilical cable reel
  • Fluid delivery pump with 5 gallon collapsible tank for the UT system
  • Rugged travel case

Viper Crawler System Usage Examples

Viper Crawler System Report Excerpts

Viper Crawler System Options

The Viper Crawler can be outfitted with any combination of the following technologies

Ultrasound (UT)

  • Supplies water to the UT Transducer for constant couplant
  • Provides continuous thickness measurements
  • Spring loaded flat or contoured UT shoe to match inspection surface

Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET)

  • Detects top and bottom side surface flaws
  • LFET Scanner, up to 8 channels
  • Flat or contoured scanners to match inspection surface

High Quality Video

  • Visual inspection of pipes
  • Multiple high quality cameras with bright LED lights or night vision
  • Videos are stored for future review

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