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    Onyx IV ECT Inspection System

  • The TesTex Onyx IV ECT Inspection System is based on the Eddy Current Technique (ECT) to quickly and accurately inspect non-ferrous metal tubing from the tube ID. It detects and sizes ID/OD pitting, baffle cutting, erosion, steam impingement, general wall loss, and other defects. Applications include:
  • Condensers
  • Feed Water Heaters
  • Coolers
  • Evaporators
  • Chillers
  • The Onyx IV can also be used to inspect ferrous materials for large flaws and small pitting. The system can distinguish between ID and OD flaws.
  • The system has differential and absolute responses for each frequency and a built-in reference signal allowing absolute signal generation without the use of a reference probe.
  • Real-time mixing is available for suppression of support/baffle plates. The system may view absolute and differential modes at the same time.
  • The electronic boards are designed for independent operation to permit easier troubleshooting, repair, and expansion. Each of the main circuit boards is designed to act as a nearly complete single frequency system. More frequencies can be added to a system by inserting additional circuit boards to the backplane board.

    Optional Probe Drivers

  • The Onyx IV ECT Inspection System can be operated with a manual probe or one of two optional probe drivers. The PD-6k provides insertion speeds of 5ft/sec (1.52m/sec) while the PDP-22 can attain a maximum insertion speed of 20ft/sec. Whether a manual probe or optional probe driver is used, they all connect directly to the Onyx IV using the same software assuring a durable and reliable system.
  • PD-6k

  • As its name implies, the PD-6k is a six kilogram (6 kg or 13.2 pound) probe driver.
  • It is extremely portable and lightweight.
  • It permits high-speed probe insertion, adapts to different air fittings, and needs only (regular) plant air to operate.
  • With the PD-6k, it is possible to inspect up to 8 tubes per minute and 2,000 – 3,000 tubes per team per 12 hour shift.
  • The PD-6k can be used with ferrous or non-ferrous metal.
Probe Driver Image
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  • The PDP-22 fits in 16” (406mm) manways, and permits retrieval and inspection at constant speed. Maximum insertion speeds are 20 ft/sec (6.10m/sec), and maximum inspection speeds are 10 ft/sec (3.05m/sec).
  • It is “over-designed” to ensure a long operating life, and its modular components are easy to maintain and repair. It allows 110/220V operation.
  • With its automated analysis, it can inspect up to twelve (12) tubes per minute, and 4,000 – 5,000 tubes per team per 12-hour shift.

    Additional Information

  • The Onyx IV offers eight standard channels with multiple mixing channels for better flaw sizing and detection
  • 1KHz to 1.2MHz frequency range
  • Fully digital offering real-time mixing and a wide variety of special data filters
  • Compatible with bobbin, surface, and magnetic saturation probes
  • Unwanted signals such as support plates can be suppressed
  • Can be used in conjunction with our TS-Map and AR-Wizard software
  • All data is archived for analysis and processing as well as comparison to future inspections
  • Automated and Manual analysis done on-site.
  • Ferrous tubes can be inspected using the MagWave MWET technique in conjunction with the Onyx IV
ECT Waveform

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