Triton II Electronics Box

Triton II BFET System

(Balanced Field Electromagnetic Technique)

  • Detects both surface and sub-surface cracks in welds and base metals
  • Minimum surface preparation
  • No couplant required
  • Scanning speed up to 1 ft/sec
  • Able to scan through paints and coatings
  • Displays high resolution, real time, 3-D color graphics of the scan results
  • Results can be saved for further analysis or permanent archiving

Triton II BFET Probes and Scanners

  • Customized to fit any application and weld profile
  • Curved, flat or welded surfaces can be quickly evaluated even through paints and coatings
  • Multi-Channel array scanner provides high resolution imaging and real-time display of flaws
  • ID scanners detect internal cracking of tubes and pipes
  • Claw Scanner detects cracks in HRSG Tube-to-Header welds
BFET Scanner examples
Triton II BFET waveformBFET waveform of stress cracking scanned with exterior scanner

Triton II BFET System Additional Information

  • Used anywhere cracking is an issue, including both ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Signal processing eliminates liftoff and noise signals
  • Supports single and multi-channel scanners up to 8 channels
  • Multi-Channel scanners give real-time high resolution imaging of flaws
  • Detects flaws within 1/8″ of surface or 3/8″ with deep penetrating scanner
  • Scans welds of similar and dissimilar metals
Triton II BFET Mapping

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Triton II BFET System
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