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    Reporting & Mapping

  • At TesTex, we are not just about state-of-the-art, non-destructive testing products and services. Our customers must be able to act quickly based upon accurate, easy-to-understand test results. That is why we developed our mapping software. With our programs, one can quickly generate simple or complex tube or floor maps from data recorded by our scanning systems.
  • The Testex Inc. developed TS-MAP 3-D Mapping software makes it easy for users to create a 3-D model of even the most complex condensers, feedwater heaters, heat exchangers, etc. with little effort and in a short amount of time. When used with the optional AR-Wizard report generating software, a full report can be generated to include everything from full color maps to sample waveforms.


  • Our TS-Map software builds simple or complex tube maps, and can efficiently display up to 40,000 tubes (in an 200 x 200 array) in a clear and colorful manner.
  • Twenty-six (26) sections or zones can be identified and labeled per map, i.e., A – Z. The exact number of tubes in each row can be entered manually or can be manipulated within the map application. Tube dimensions can be specified in either inches or millimeters, and there are numerous color and fill patterns from which to select: all designed to provide customers with the information that they want to see. Maps can be inverted so that units can be viewed from either end. There are five standard legends to choose from, and any legend can be fully-edited and customized. Tube lists showing number of tubes in each row can be exported to Excel database when map is finished.
TS-Map image
ar wizard image


  • The AR-Wizard is an optional add-on for our TS-Map software. Data for every tube inspected, including plugged, blocked, and inaccessible tubes, can be imported from the analysis program with a simple click of the mouse. With on screen, step-by-step instructions, a preliminary or final report can be generated within minutes of completing the inspection. The final report includes a cover page, table of contents, inspection summary, unit details, tube sheet maps, tube test summary, calibrations, sample waveforms, and a list of inspection personnel involved.
  • Used in conjunction with our Onyx IV ECT and Triton RFET systems


  • Our TF-Map software offers the following features: unlimited plate entry, including the ability to add patch plates, and annular rings can be shown. Each, individual plate can be sized and numbered (and resized by row). It is possible to import sweep data. Besides overall reports, reports can be generated for individual plates, too.
  • TF-Map software generates maps of above ground tank floors from data recorded by our Falcon LFET products.
TF-Mapping image
3D mapping image

    3D Tube Sheet Mapping Software

  • A tube sheet map containing up to a 40,000 tube tube sheet map can be drawn using the TS-MAP 3-D software and up to 26 sections/zones can be identified. Any tube sheet layout can be created in the software with tube dimensions in inches or millimeters.
  • The TS-MAP software allows the user to easily insert baffles, end caps, nozzles, flanges, and bolts through drop down menus for an exact drawing of the unit. Defects in the unit can be displayed by baffle or encoder position. Users can hide baffles, tubes, etc. with a simple click of the mouse to see the exact position where in the tube their problem area lies. This helps the user identify their failure mechanism (i.e. baffle cutting, steam impingement, etc.)

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