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3D Tube Sheet Mapping Software

3D Tube Sheet Map

The Testex Inc. developed TS-MAP 3-D Mapping software makes it easy for users to create a 3-D model of even the most complex condensers, feedwater heaters, heat exchangers, etc. with little effort and in a short amount of time. When used with the optional AR-Wizard report generating software, a full report can be generated to include everything from full color maps to sample waveforms.

3D Tube Sheet Map with Shell

Up to a 40,000 tube tube sheet map can be drawn using the TS-MAP 3-D software and up to 26 sections/zones can be identified. Any tube sheet layout can be created in the software with tube dimensions in inches or millimeters.

3D Tube Sheet Map with Flaws

The TS-MAP software allows the user to easily insert baffles, end caps, nozzles, flanges, and bolts through drop down menus for an exact drawing of the unit. Defects in the unit can be displayed by baffle or encoder position. Users can hide baffles, tubes, etc. with a simple click of the mouse to see the exact position where in the tube their problem area lies. This helps the user identify their failure mechanism (i.e. baffle cutting, steam impingement, etc.)


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