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TesTex produces standard and custom probes (and calibration tubes) for all of its ID (internal dimension) inspection equipment, including:

  • Eddy Current Probes
  • Mag Wave Probes
  • Steam Generator Probes
  • RFET single/multichannel probes
  • Generating bank oiler probes
  • RFET multichannel flexible pipe probes
  • ID LFET Probes
  • Eddy current & RFET calibration tubes
  • Specially designed probes from our Solution Providers Group

TesTex, Inc. eddy current probes are designed for testing non-ferrous materials such as copper, brass, stainless steel, titanium, and even tantalum.

ECT probes are built for three basic frequency ranges and for any diameter larger than one-quarter inch (0.250″).

All probes are manufactured with a standard 50-foot cable and stainless steel barnacle scrapers for greater durability. When ordering, please try to include the probe diameter, material to be tested, and the frequency range.

Contact us or call 412.798.8990 for specifications or to learn more about our customized design and manufacturing services.


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