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    MagWave MWET

  • To inspect ferrous tubes, TesTex developed the MagWave Electromagnetic Technique, which uses special probes with the Onyx IV. A wide variety of probes are available which operate at frequencies of 1KHz to 500KHz and are compatible with the PD‑6k. As with our Eddy Current Technique (ECT) probes, automated analysis is available.
  • With strict quality assurance procedures, all probes and accessories manufactured by TesTex are of the highest quality. We are able to provide probes with both excellent response signals and very low noise levels.

    The Benefits of this Inspection Method are:

  • Small pitting can be detected
  • Large volume flaws can be detected and quantified
  • Saturation can be adjusted to eliminate signal noise due to finned tubes
  • Differentiates between ID and OD flaws
MagWave Waveform
MagWave Tubesheet map

    Additional Information

  • MagWave’s saturation technology makes ferrous tube inspections with ECT possible. All data can be imported into the 3-D Tube Sheet Mapping Software for an overall visual representation of the equipment being tested.

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