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Technology Application
LFET RFET BFET ECT Ultrasound OSET Support

TesTex uses a variety of state-of-the-art electromagnetic techniques to scan for defects in both ferrous and nonferrous materials and structures.


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LFET RFET BFET ECT Ultrasound OSET Support
Boiler Tubes AGS Tanks Pipelines Feedwater Heaters Heat Exchangers Finned Tubes Condensers Welds
Radio Field Electromagnetic Technique Triton RFET
Balance Field Electromagnetic Technique Triton BFET
Off Surface Electromagnetic Technique OSET - Scout
Ultrasonic Inspection Helix XT IRIS Echo 20/20

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Prodigy 8 Scanner

Prodigy - system

The Prodigy 8C is an innovative OD scanning system that permits testing of in-service tubes and pipes for almost any boiler.

It is a one-man, multichannel, NDT system that detects and quantifies ID, OD and internal material defects in ferrous materials.

The system uses a dry, non-contact method and is based on our Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET).

The Prodigy 8C system has its own built-in computer that is conveniently attached to the operator’s body.

This system can be adapted to many different applications such as testing ligaments, bends, space-constricted areas, and small-diameter tubing.

The Prodigy 8C is fast, accurate, cost-effective, and field proven.

Waveform & Mapping

The Prodigy 8C offers the following features:

  • 8 channels (8 phase, 8 amplitude)
  • Frequency selection from 5 to 80 Hz
  • MS Windows Based with a USB interface
  • 1 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, and 16 GB compact flash
  • 5.6 LCD display with VGA controller
  • Environmentally-sealed connections
  • AC or DC operated
  • Standard six-foot (1.83m) or optional 25-foot (7.62m) scanner cable
  • Total weight under 12 lbs (5.45kg)
  • 5-hour of battery life


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