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    Falcon S Series

  • Tank floor scanner based on Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current Technique
  • Operates by saturating floor plates with an electromagnet and then scanning for defects using Eddy Current Technique (ECT)
  • The Falcon S Series is able to detect pits, holes, cracking and wall loss
  • Flaws can be differentiated by orientation depending on if they are located on the top or bottom side
  • The Falcon S Series represents the latest in tank floor scanning technology

    Differences from other Falcon products

  • The Falcon S Series uses similar technology to our MagWave system, in that it brings Eddy Current accuracy to ferrous plates.
  • The highly sensitive nature of ECT allows the scanner to detect and size top side and bottom side pitting, as well as localized wall loss. Additionally, the Falcon S Series can detect cracks.
  • The Falcon S Series is able to scan through non-metallic coatings up to 0.5in. (12mm) thick.
Falcon S Series Junior Scanner
Falcon S Series Waveform

    Tank Floor Scanner

  • Self propelled with adjustable scanning speeds
  • Scanning path 14in. (355mm)
  • 16 channel array for high resolution scans
  • Penetration of 1.2in. (30mm)
  • Scans through a maximum of 0.5in (12 mm) thick non-metallic coatings
  • Built in encoders

    Hand Scanner

  • Designed to scan hard to reach places
  • Scanning path 5in. (127mm)
  • 4 channel array
  • Penetration depth of 0.75in. (190mm)
  • Scans through a maximum of 0.35in (9mm)thick non-metallic coatings
Tank Floor Map

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