Falcon Mark II Scanner
Falcon Mark II

Falcon Mark II

Tank Floor Inspection System

  • Uses the principles of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) for inspection of tank floors, shells and plates
  • Scans ferrous materials such as carbon steel, cast iron and aluminum
  • Utilizes up to 64 channels with low signal-to-noise ratio
  • Can detect flaws on both top-side and bottom-side surfaces in a single scan; including pitting, corrosion, gradual wall loss, and through-holes
  • Modular build can be easily packed for transport and tank entry through standard size man way
  • Capable of using AC or DC power
  • The system can display scan results in high resolution, real time, 3-D, color graphics
  • Results can be saved for further analysis or permanent archiving

Falcon Hand Scanners

  • Extend coverage over scanned area and minimize dead space zones
  • Handheld scanners have a built in multiplexer for direct connection to Mark II electronics allowing scans of hard to reach areas without extra equipment
  • Handheld scanners can be used to inspect large diameter contours such as shells and pipes
Falcon Junior Hand Scanner
Falcon Junior
Waveform indicating gradual wall loss

Advantage of LFET Over Competing Technologies

  • Lightweight due to permanent magnets not being used
  • Requires minimal surface preparation to be effective
  • Can scan through surface coatings, paint and rust
  • Determines top and bottom surface flaws
  • Will show flaw responses even when scanner is stopped
  • Scanning speed of 10 -15 linear ft/min

Limitations of Competing Technologies

Ultrasound (UT)

    • For ultrasound, surfaces need to be either sandblasted or spot-prepared for individual discreet UT thickness readings
    • Does not provide rapid scanning coverage; UT merely involves spot checks

Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)

  • For Magnetic Flux Leakage method, surfaces need to be sandblasted
  • Uses permanent magnets, adding unnecessary weight
  • Cannot determine whether flaw is on the top or bottom surface of tank plate
  • Cannot test through surface coating
Tankfloor map

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