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Mag Wave ET

Mag Wave - system

The Mag Wave was developed to utilize Eddy Current Technique on ferrous metals.

The benefits of this inspection method are:

  • Small pitting can be detected
  • Large volume flaws can be detected and quantified
  • Saturation can be adjusted to eliminate signal noise due to finned tubes
  • Differentiates between ID and OD flaws

Report Excerpts:

Additional Information

Normally Ferrous Eddy Current Technique is not available, but with the Mag-Wave ET (MWET) this is possible. There are currently a wide variety of MWET probe sizes, it utilizes the TesTex TX-4400 and its companion PD-6k probe driver. All data can be imported into the 3-D Tube Sheet Mapping Software for an overall visual of the equipment being tested.


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