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Technology Application
LFET RFET BFET ECT Ultrasound OSET Support

TesTex uses a variety of state-of-the-art electromagnetic techniques to scan for defects in both ferrous and nonferrous materials and structures.


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LFET RFET BFET ECT Ultrasound OSET Support
Boiler Tubes AGS Tanks Pipelines Feedwater Heaters Heat Exchangers Finned Tubes Condensers Welds
Radio Field Electromagnetic Technique Triton RFET
Balance Field Electromagnetic Technique Triton BFET
Off Surface Electromagnetic Technique OSET - Scout
Ultrasonic Inspection Helix XT IRIS Echo 20/20

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Mag Wave ET

Mag Wave - system
The Mag Wave was developed to utilize Eddy Current Technique on ferrous metals.

The benefits of this inspection method are:

  • Small pitting can be detected
  • Large volume flaws can be detected and quantified
  • Saturation can be adjusted to eliminate signal noise due to finned tubes
  • Differentiates between ID and OD flaws

Waveform & Mapping

Mag Wave waveform of calibration standard
Mag Wave tube sheet example

Additional Information

Normally Ferrous Eddy Current Technique is not available, but with the Mag-Wave ET (MWET) this is possible. There are currently a wide variety of MWET probe sizes, it utilizes the TesTex TX-4400 and its companion PD-6k probe driver. All data can be imported into the 3-D Tube Sheet Mapping Software for an overall visual of the equipment being tested.


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