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Technology Application
LFET RFET BFET ECT Ultrasound OSET Support

TesTex uses a variety of state-of-the-art electromagnetic techniques to scan for defects in both ferrous and nonferrous materials and structures.

LFET RFET BFET ECT Ultrasound OSET Support
Boiler Tubes AGS Tanks Pipelines Feedwater Heaters Heat Exchangers Finned Tubes Condensers Welds
Radio Field Electromagnetic Technique Triton RFET
Balance Field Electromagnetic Technique Triton BFET
Off Surface Electromagnetic Technique OSET - Scout
Ultrasonic Inspection Helix XT IRIS Echo 20/20

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ECT Products

TesTex offers several state-of-the-art products that employ the Eddy Current Technique to quickly and accurately inspect non-ferrous metal tubing from the tube ID. It detects and sizes ID/OD pitting, baffle cutting, erosion, steam impingement, general wall losses, and other defects. Applications include:

  • Condensers
  • Feed Water Heaters
  • Coolers
  • Evaporators
  • Chillers
  • Tank Floors (Falcon S Series)

TesTex employs the best High Speed Eddy Current testing that can be used with either the PD 6k or the PDP 22. The PD 6k allows for quick insertion and relies on manual extraction while the PDP 22 allows for quick insertion and retrieval of the Eddy Current probes. Both offer high speed testing and are fully compatible with our analysis software to quickly identify flaws. The PDP 22 allows us to also pinpoint the location of the flaws utilizing the encoder built into the system. Additionally we have Mag Wave ET which utilizes ECT technology and allows us to test ferrous materials.

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Testimonials for ECT Products

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