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    Echo 20/20 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

  • The Echo 20/20 is an innovative, yet easy to use instrument for ultrasonic thickness gauging. This handheld thickness gauge is fully compatible with a full line of single and dual element transducers. The Echo 20/20 is also compatible with the Viper Crawler for hard to reach thickness measurements. A sunlight readable color display allows for optimal viewing in some of the toughest outdoor conditions and a simple, ergonomic keypad can be used by either a left or right handed operator, while having easy access to all functions.


  • Dual and single element transducer compatibility
  • Thickness range of 0.003″ (0.08 mm) to 6″ (152.4 mm). Dependent on material and transducer type
  • Echo to echo measurements on painted and coated surfaces
  • Standard resolution of 0.001″ (0.01 mm) for all transducers
  • Multi-layer software option for measurements of up to two layers
  • Thickness and velocity measurements
  • Time based B-scan mode
  • Sunlight readable, TFT color liquid crystal display
  • Simple keypad for right or left hand operation
  • Internal microSD memory card storage
  • USB communication port
  • Direct export of internal files in Excel compatible CSV (comma-separated values) format
  • Download and upload thickness surveys to and from the gauge
  • Supports a quadrature encoder

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Echo 20/20 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge