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Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) Certification Renewal

TesTex is pleased to announce the renewal of our Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) certification for above ground storage tank inspections of manufactured and field erected bulk storage tanks and terminals. TesTex has over 30 years of tank inspection experience with several inspection tools to make your tank inspection fast accurate and cost effective. Our Falcon S saturation eddy current floor scanning technology virtually eliminates the need for ultrasonic thickness prove up of indications. The automated mapping technology provides detailed X and Y coordinates of every indication reported in our findings. For weld inspections we have replaced vacuum box and magnetic particle testing by utilizing our Hawkeye crack detection tool based on a Balanced Field Electromagnetic Technique which works through coatings, rust and epoxies on your equipment. This technology identifies surface and sub-surface cracks in your welds and heat affected zone. For shell course examinations we can do away with the need for a JLG or scaffolding of the storage tank, with the Viper magnetic tank crawler that can scale the outside of the tank and record all the necessary thickness readings for your inspection. The Crawler has also been successfully applied to tank roofs for thickness readings as well. Of course all this technology is available and utilized by our staff of API 653 certified technicians.

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