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Nuclear Storage Tank Inspection

In September 2017, TesTex was contracted by a southern Nuclear Facility to perform theTesTex LEFT (Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique) on an above ground storage tank. The tank was a 40 foot diameter by 30 foot high tank containing filtered water. The lower ring on the tank was .232” Carbon Steel and the upper rings were .1875” Carbon Steel. The basis of the examination was to assist the utility in making a decision as to either repair the tank or replace it. This particular tank has had many leaks and repairs over the years. So the plan was to scan as much of the tank as possible with LFET and present the results to engineering so they could make a determination as to what the next step would be. As it turns out the TesTex LFET found so many indications of pitting that only ¾ of the lower ring was inspected. Needless to say the lead Engineer was very pleased with the TesTex inspection. She told the crew that she will definitely be looking to bring TesTex back in to inspect other tanks onsite.

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