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Nuclear Emergency Response

At 2:39 PM on a Wednesday afternoon TesTex was alerted by one of our nuclear customers that they had an emergency inspection request when they discovered two leaks in a 20” buried service water line. The leaks occurred in an area where a repair clamp was installed a few years ago. The customer was asking if we could mobilize a crew and equipment at a moment’s notice to perform a Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) inspection on the adjacent areas of the pipe to determine further degradation of the system. The LFET technology permits scanning through coatings that are applied to the water line where other technologies were limited or not able to provide the information they required. Communication with the customer continued into the late evening when it was agreed that TesTex would deploy inspection personnel and LFET equipment at 6:00AM, the next morning, a mere 16 hours after the emergency call from the customer. The customer events and dynamic response that TesTex demonstrated are typical of our commitment to provide Fast, Accurate, and Cost Effective inspection solutions for our customers. See our Products page for more information on LFET.

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