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Aktive Tankrens AS, Oslo Norway

“In autumn 2006, we were comparing floor scan technologies. The technologies we were comparing were the LFET and MFL. As part of out effort, we observed an inspection using a European MFL system with mapping.

This tank that was scanned had stored gasoline and contained lots of pipes inside, many bulbs and oxide layers. The bottom looked like a golf ball inside.

The perceived speed of the MFL unit, I could see was a problem. It crash into pipes and weld seams.
The surface had to be exceptionally clean. The indentations, were a problem as well. Small steel particles would accumulate on the scanner (High electro magnetic fields)
The guys who had carry that gear over the ring wall around that tank struggled with the weight.
And one other thing, the auxiliary battery power supply could not last more than a couple of hours.

Based on our observations, we selected the LFET from TesTex.

It has light weight, good maneuverability, you control the speed, it is able to scan a pocked floor or floor with fiberglass sheeting. Particulates are not a problem since the system does not use magnets. And one battery last at least 10 hours.

We are pleased with the calibration and ability of the system to quantify flaws as well as determine top or underside corrosion. The mapping we have added has helped reduce time for reports. The pipe scan capability is another benefit we have realized. We have had good success with the Falcon.”

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