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Fossil Power, Cumberland MD

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you company and employees for all the safe and skillful work accomplished during our scheduled outage in April of 2011. The effort and attention to detail that your people placed on their jobs, helped us in having a successful and safe outage.

We were pleased that you team cooperated to accomplish our common safety goals. We want to personally thank you for your effort in assisting your project team to stay focused and meet these important and required milestones. Your daily diligence helped keep the outage safe and on schedule.

Specifically, involvement in pre-outage meetings, general safety meetings, pre-shift outage meetings, and “hands on” activities supported A__ W_______ R___ to achieve a successful outage.

With Safety being the pre-imminent contract prequalification at W______ R__ your performance will allow us the opportunity to work together in the future. On behalf of the Leadership Team and all the A__ W______ R__ employees, we appreciate your efforts and say thanks.”

J__ M_____, Safety Coordinator
M__ S_____, Outage Manager
L_____ C________, Plant Manager

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