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Horizontal Reheater Tube Leak Detected with Low Profile Scanner

Problem: A large utility plant in Western Pennsylvania, with three identical boilers, experienced a tube Read More

Boiler Generating Bank Inspection – Pitting Detected – using RFET

Problem: A large chemical plant in Eastern Tennessee was experiencing a number of tube leaks Read More

Ultrasonic Thickness Inspection of Above Ground Tank

Problem: A large Chemical plant in Kentucky that produces synthetic compounds was suspecting wall loss Read More

TesTex LFET Inspection vs B&W EMAT Inspection

Problem: A power plant located in Texas was experiencing numerous problems in their #3 Boiler. Read More

Scanning 2200 Oil & Gas Above Ground Storage Tanks

Problem: A major Oil and Gas Company, with oil and gas well sites located in Read More

Line Cat Used in Alaska Pipeline Inspection

Problem: A large petroleum producer in Alaska was forced to shut down a 34” diameter Read More

Furnace Tubing in Reducing Gas Furnace

Problem: A mining company in Venezuela was experiencing localized wall loss on the inner diameter Read More

Inspection of a Vessel Containing Corrosive Material

Problem: A major chemical company in Virginia needed an on-stream inspection of a vessel to Read More

Corrosion Detected In Pipelines using LFET

The Problem: A former refinery site in Illinois is currently in the process of reclaiming Read More

Corrosion Fatigue and Thermal Fatigue Cracking Detected in Boiler Tubes With Hawkeye

The Problem: A power plant in New Jersey experienced a failure in a slag screen Read More


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