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Corrosion Fatigue Cracking Paper

Section A: Introduction Corrosion fatigue cracking is the leading cause of boiler tube failures. A Read More

Socket Weld Inspection

Reduce RT/X-Ray Requirements of Socket Welds In general, socket welded joints present complications for follow Read More

Mirant Graphitization Study

Mirant provided 6 boiler tubes to TesTex that were suspected of containing graphitization.   Four of Read More

Hawkeye Crack Detection

Problem: A prominent, high volume manufacturing company in Montana was experiencing generating bank tube failures Read More

TesTex Falcon 2000 Mark II Tank Floor Inspection System

Problem: A large well known oil refinery in the United Kingdom gave TesTex the opportunity Read More

Boiler Feedwater System Pinholes Found with Eddy Current

Problem: A large utility in the Northeast United States was experiencing water in-leakage in their Read More

Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger Inspection Using RFET

Problem: A major chemical plant in Western Pennsylvania asked TesTex to perform a partial inspection Read More

Papermill in Virginia Uses Eagle 2000 RFET System

Problem: A prominent, high volume paper mill in Virginia was experiencing generating bank tube failures Read More

Ultra High-Speed Eddy Current Condenser Tube Inspection

Problem: A large utility in the Southeast United States was experiencing a high rate of Read More

Hawkeye-2000 vs Magnetic Particle & Dye Penetrant Methods

Problem: A major Pulp and Paper Mill in the Southern Michigan area needed a Deaerator Read More


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