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At TesTex, we know your turnaround depends on our turnaround.

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TesTex is the world leader in electromagnetic non-destructive testing (NDT).
We continually define the state-of-the-art for the testing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and structures through applied research and development using methods that include:

  • Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique
  • Remote Field Electromagnetic Technique
  • Eddy Current Technique
  • Balanced Field Electromagnetic Technique
  • Ultrasonics/Internal Rotating Inspection System
  • Mag-Wave Electromagnetic Technique

Using the latest digital electronics technologies, we design, build and sell NDT inspection systems and provide NDT Services, inspection services, program management, and contract R & D services.

With offices across the United States and the world, we have the global reach to serve you quickly and efficiently.

Contact us or call 412.798.8990 to learn more about TesTex and our unique capabilities.

Hear what our customers are saying regarding Electromagnetic Technique:

Being a plant inspector for 22 years, I have been closely involved in heat exchanger inspection in Trinidad. The ET technology overall was poorly represented and there was a general lack of confidence in the service.
The K. Sobie run branch of TESTEX has turned this around by providing a service that has demonstrated itself time and again to be reliable, repeatable and correct in its findings.
Not being satisfied with just that, Mr. Sobie goes the extra distance by accomodating technical inquiries and dispatching crews regardless of the lateness of the hour.
As a result of his direct efforts, we have changed the justification for his services away from the traditional determinants to reasoning TESTEX as the supplier, due to the simple fact that if there is any exchanger requiring accurate ET results done safely and correctly the first time, his phone is the one to call.

~Industrial Plant, Trinidad.


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